Preparing for the Miracle

With all of the changes going on in the world, this has been a pretty erratic time for me. The planetary energy has been very intense, forcing me to make adjustments accordingly.

Spirit told me 'no' to my desires, and instead, told me to do two things: (1) surrender those things that don't serve me, and (2) prepare for what is coming. In essence, I am being told that I will get what I want, but to make space for what is coming and put forth effort to prepare and get myself together for this great thing.

It made me realize that this is how we should always be - in a constant state of preparing for our manifestation to arrive. We don't realize that often times, we wouldn't be prepared to receive what we truly desire in this very instant. If you want this thing bad enough, get yourself ready for it. Don't wait for the signal to "start doing right"; start preparing now.

What are you doing to prepare for those blessings that are about to come through?

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