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Updated: Jan 9, 2021

I PRAY that everyone who visits this page receives the healing they need to conceive their miracle baby.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or healthcare professional, and this information is not intended to supercede the advice or direction of healthcare professionals. Please always consult your physician first. The information presented is based on the testimony of many, many women who have successfully conceived a baby after trying this method.


I stumbled across this information several years ago in my own difficult journey of trying to conceive a child. My fertility issue: blockages -- scar tissue in my Fallopian tubes. I've always been into natural medicine and was determined to cure my fertility issues naturally but could not find any information beyond maca powder, raspberry leaf, and dong quai - which, they do wonders for fertility, but not when you are experiencing serious blockages.

Many years ago, during my quest to heal myself, Spirit led me to a powerful woman who introduced to me womb healing, yoni steam, spiritual baths, and yes, tarot. It was through her that I was also introduced to a product that helped women conceive. I decided to research each ingredient on the back of the label to find out which one was the magic ingredient that cleared blockages in the womb. My research revealed that it was a scar-tissue dissolving enzyme called Serrapeptase.

Further research revealed that when Serrapeptase is combined with doing castor oil packs and drinking a tea of Chinese herbs Yi Mu Cao and Xi Xian Cao - the blockages in the womb miraculously disappear.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of women providing their testimony of successfully unblocking their tubes and successfully conceiving. These are the same women who were told that surgery or IVF were their only options, but instead, these women tried the approach and had successful results.

How do you clear blockages from your womb naturally?

You will need:

Taken throughout the day:

-- Serrapeptase (supplement)

-- Yi Mu Cao (tea)

-- Xi Xian Cao (tea)

Castor Oil Packs - Performed ONLY during a certain phase of your monthly cycle.

-- Castor Oil

-- Cheese Cloth

-- Glass jar (or something to store your castor oil pack)

-- Heating pad

-- disposable plastic bag


How this Will Help You Get Pregnant:

If you are experiencing blockages in your womb, the combination of Serrapeptase, Chinese herbs (Yi Mu Cao and Xi Xian Cao), and castor oil packs will clear away the blocks.

Here's how:

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that breaks away to internal scar tissue.

Serrapeptase -- Serrapeptase is an enzyme that breaks away at internal scar tissue, plaque, and other fibrous material within the body. The enzyme comes from caterpillars transitioning into butterflies. During the caterpillar's transformation, they are housed in a cocoon, reportedly hard as steel and nearly impossible to penetrate. Serrapeptase is an enzyme caterpillars produce to eat away at the cocoon. When Serrapeptase is ingested in the human body on any empty stomach, it eats away at fibrous, non-living tissue within the body, but does not have an effect on living tissue.

Chinese herbs - Yi Mu Cao & Xi Xian Cao

Chinese Herbs - Yi Mu Cao & Xi Xian Cao - This blend of herbs should always be combined when using to clear blockages in the womb. Together, this blend heals Fallopian Tubes, renews dead tissue, relieves pain and inflammation in the reproductive organs, enhances blood flow to the womb, inhibits herpes, and regulates irregular menses.

Photo: Castor oil, glass jar with castor oil pack, and heating pad.

Castor Oil Packs -- Castor oil packs are known to help with liver and circulatory issues, but they also work wonders with loosening the blockages within your womb. When used castor oil packs are placed on the lower abdomen, they may help reverse menstrual irregularities and uterine and ovarian fibroids and cysts.



  • Take SERRAPEPTASE 3 times a day, everyday (even during menstrual cycle).

  • Always take Serrapeptase on an empty stomach. (Timing is crucial here.)


  • Blend in one cup both teas (Yi Mu Cao & Xi Xian Cao)

  • Drink 3 cups per day, everyday (even during menstrual cycle).

  • Do not drink one without the other; both Yi Mu Cao & Xi Xian Cao must be blended.

  • Beware of this tea if you bleed heavy or experience a lot of blood clotting, because this tea encourages blood flow to the womb.

  • Do not drink this tea if you are actively trying to conceive, because it can cause miscarriage in early stages of pregnancy.


VERY IMPORTANT - Never do castor oil pack while you are on your menstrual cycle. And if you are actively trying to conceive, do not do castor oil packs after ovulation.

If you are actively trying to conceive, you really only have about a 1 week window to do castor oil packs - the day after your menstrual cycle ends all the way until ovulation.

If you are not trying to conceive, but are focused on healing, you can do castor oil packs starting the day after your menstrual cycle ends all the way until your next cycle begins. (FOR OPTIMAL HEALING, THIS SCENARIO IS IDEAL.)

Castor Oil Pack Initial Setup:

  • Fold cheese cloth to fit across your womb (lower abdomen)

  • Saturate cheese cloth with castor oil. (This is now your castor oil pack).

  • Use glass jar/container to store castor oil pack.

Applying Castor Oil Pack:

  • Warm castor oil pack while inside glass by way of microwave or boiling water. (Be careful not to get too hot, because you will apply this to your skin.)

  • Place warm castor oil pack over your womb (lower abdomen).

  • Place plastic bag over castor oil pack, to prevent heating pad from getting stained.

  • Place heating pad over plastic bag (over womb) and set on high (or whatever temperature will keep the castor oil pack warm).

  • Relax while castor oil pack remains heated for about 20 minutes to an hour or so.

Castor oil stains easily, so be careful while handling and cleaning up.

Storing Castor Oil Pack

  • You can store your castor oil pack in the jar and reuse for future sessions. Add more castor oil as needed.

Timing is Key

For the best results, you should do this when you are NOT actively trying to conceive. The Chinese herbs and castor oil packs recommended below can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy, so it is best to do this method when you are NOT actively trying to conceive, or stop during ovulation if you suspect you may get pregnant.

Fertility Massage

Another component to this remedy is massaging the womb to help loosen the blockages. When massaged properly, you promote blood flow to the uterus and also assist with out of place organs aligning with where they are supposed to be. Even a tilted uterus can be corrected by simply doing a few exercises and fertility massage on a regular basis. Only do fertility massage after your menustration stops and end just before ovulation.


That is basically all you have to do to cure blockages in your womb. I know it's a lot of information, so if you need to, please feel free to reach out to me at: maya@divinepriestess.com

Reviews and product information can be found below.


Here are a few reviews on Amazon from women who have tried this method and had success. I encourage you to do your own research and you will find that there are hundreds more.

Sending you love and baby dust!

May you finally conceive your miracle baby!

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