Manifesting Your Best Life!

How many times have you successfully manifested something you truly desired - only to discover that it wasn't all that you expected it to be? There was a part of you that expected "that thing" would bring you happiness and would fill a void. Most of us have gone through this cycle many times over through life, beginning with childhood and the toys we received. These toys would bring us momentary joy and by the next day, we were on to something new. We go through these same experiences through adulthood, and still cannot figure out how to fill that void and attain true fulfillment.

What we don't realize is that deep down, we don't desire the toy. Whenever we set our eyes on something, it is not that thing we desire; what we truly desire is the feeling we believe it will bring once we receive it. We think it is "the thing" that is going to bring fulfillment- only to discover that it doesn't fill the void. Perhaps, it will bring some level of happiness for a moment. Or on the contrary, maybe, there is disappointment. The key takeaway is: it is those good feelings that we are constantly chasing through life to fill the void. Those feelings.

Aligning with Higher Self

The pathway to filling that void and attaining a life filled with happiness involves getting aligned with your Higher Self. It is your Higher Self who leads you to what's for your highest good and knows better than you what will bring you happiness and fulfillment in ALL areas in life.

Your Higher Self is a spiritual component of yourself, who is like the "Ascended Master" version of you, who is all-knowing, all-encompassing. Every answer you need to know is within you by way of your Higher Self. Most importantly, your journey to self mastery is comprised of aligning your (lower) self with your Higher Self to live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Manifesting from your Higher Self

We don't realize how we often block our blessings when we form an attachment to a goal or an outcome that may not be for our highest good. We desire these things, because we believe these things will bring us happiness, however our Higher Self knows better than we do.

That's not to say you shouldn't have desires or work toward your goals. You can reach next-level manifestation once you understand that if you do not receive something you desire, Spirit has something greater in store for you; something that will make you happier than what you originally desired. You must trust that your Higher Self knows what will bring you fulfillment better than you do.

Manifesting your best life takes trust in a Higher Power and a willingness to surrender. You must let go of your attachment to the things you think you want, because you can have a much happier and more fulfilling life if you align with your Higher Self - who knows what will really bring you fulfillment.

What are your experiences aligning with your Higher Self?

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