Magic with Red Roses

Updated: May 23, 2020

Remaining in a constant space of love is my mediation. My rituals mirror my intentions and love is at the core of it all. Love and compassion for self, for others, and for the world at large. Lately, I've been caught up in my "love vibes," being enveloped in the warmth of unconditional love from Source. As I have been practicing mindfulness, I have been experiencing sensory overload, in total bliss of the beauty around me. With all of this love and beauty, I am reminded of the planet Venus.

"Love vibes" is what my home is all about, which is why I work with roses so much and love to adorn my space with them. With Venus in the mix, I welcome all of the love, beauty, and luck roses have to bring.

I have always been drawn to red roses -- from their beauty to their scent. I have childhood memories of my favorite movie featuring an enchanted rose. In art classes, I often drew and painted bouquets of roses - sometimes a single rose in a vase. I remember writing a poem about the flower, likening love to that of a red rose. But it wasn't until young adulthood - when I began receiving bouquets of roses from admirers and lovers - that I truly fell in love with roses.

Whenever I receive a bouquet, I beam with joy, pick one out of the bunch and deeply inhale the light fragrance. I am in pure bliss with those delicate petals nestled on my nose. Their beauty enhances whichever room is lucky to feature them. One day, I should be so lucky as to have fresh red roses in my home at all times.

My relationship with red roses has gotten rather intimate over the years, as I enjoy bathing with them the most. Red rose petals have been great for beauty and love, but they are also a key ingredient in spiritual baths for uncrossing and breaking curses.

I keep an abundance of dried rose buds and petals on hand for spiritual baths, but whenever I have fresh roses, I like to make my own rose water. Rose water is great to cook with, but Venus has also blessed rose water to be a cosmetic astringent. Pray over rose water to empower the love and beauty vibes, and keep it in a spray bottle that can be used on you or around your home.

I am forever grateful to have a blessed space with high-vibe loving energy from a flower that I have so much love for, and who represents love herself. Rose not only exudes an alluring scent and appearance; her all encompassing love-and-beauty vibes is the most amazing space to be in.


Maya Divine

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