Lighten the Vibe with Mint

Updated: May 23, 2020

Mint was one of the first plants I had been drawn to when starting my herb garden. Both spearmint and peppermint came to me during a time when I was going through healing and transformation.I found the perfect spot for them by the window of my kitchen, so I could get to know them before moving them outside with the rest of my plants. Over the first couple of weeks of getting used to their presence, I noticed how they purified the air and cleansed the energy of the room they occupied.

Wanting to get to know more about mint, I decided to feature Mojitos at an event where I handmade each drink and observed the effects. It brought about very cool vibes among people who I knew were not getting along. I saw firsthand mint's ability to thrive in social settings, but interestingly, also make people "chill out."

With an abundance of mint leftover from the event, I made tea daily, enjoying its healing benefits as an anti-inflammatory and digestion aid. Mentally, the tea would bring clarity of mind and an abundance of great ideas.

I later learned that Mint/Peppermint is Mercury/Air and is associated with the Solar Plexus. This made a lot of sense when reviewing my experience with mint. As a Virgo rising, Mercury rules my natal chart, I have had exceptional results drinking peppermint tea in the morning. I had also been working with the energies of the Magician card (Mercury). But I was most amazed to recall that the plant picked me at a time when I was working on my Solar Plexus.

In its association with Mercury and the Magician, I find mint to be very life-giving to writers and those in communications. It's a diplomatic herb in its ability to say the right thing with tact and at the right time. Mint are social creatures and thrive around others. It is in it's nature to take over any space it grows in.

Spearmint, on the other hand, is Venus/Water. As Venus, she thinks less and feels more. Instead of analyzing a situation, she sits with it, allows it to digest, and receives the experience she is meant to receive. She is very intuitive and receptive. And in this receptive space, she is attractive and magnetic.

The Solar Plexus is all about manifesting, and mint is associated with the Solar Plexus. The heart chakra is the center for abundance, giving, receiving, and manifesting. But the Solar Plexus plays a role in manifesting based on power and emotions. This is the place where all things are digested - physically with food and spiritually with lessons and experiences. It is a watery chakra and you can feel its effects during the quiet, waiting phase when the universe is at work manifesting your desires. The more you let go of clinging to the desire and you just lay in that quiet, still space, the quicker you will manifest.

This transformation I've been going through has been very watery. Slow. Sensual. Quiet. Very intuitive. Receptive. Feminine. Much of my healing has involved releasing emotions I've held onto that no longer serve me. I am now evolving to using emotions more constructively as a part of my human experience. All of these things I am feeling while immersed in this space of renewal, my Spearmint plant embodies all of that.

Manifesting your greatest life possible is a majestic experience with mint lining the path. You discover that you have all of the tools you need to make your desires come into fruition. I have used mint to attract money and prosperity, and yet it has also been a powerful ingredient in my spiritual baths to banish, remove, and uncross. Mint has so many awesome qualities that it is a definite mainstay in my home.I will continue to work with mint intuitively to uncover more about it's personality and healing properties.

What about you? What do you love about mint?

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