Buried Passion Emerges

Updated: May 23, 2020

The year has hardly taken off, and so much has shifted in my life already. I am heading in a new direction; on a path of reinventing self, walking fully in my truth unapologetically, and finally doing what I am most passionate about!

This passion of mine is much bigger than just one thing! We're talking about the love of a lifestyle and one's spiritual journey! A life of learning, growing, loving, manifesting, observing, and being - linked with a love for natural healing modalities, astrology, divination, and meditation. My passion is everything within all of that!

With me being so passionate about my spiritual lifestyle, I felt called to dive deeper, and really live it. I always hid her, shoved her in the back of my closet, tip-toed, and whispered. This lifestyle contained things I truly believed in; things that brought me joy; things I loved to do if money were no option; and instead, she was my secret and would only entertain her in the dark for all of my own pleasure. She was my "other woman."

Perception of family and others has always been the underlying reason why I hid that part of me. I didn't feel a need to reveal it, because my spirituality is a very private thing. But all of my day-to-day activities that are linked with my spiritual practices - and most importantly - my very own gifts as a healer were not being utilized. And this deep desire to help and heal others continues to grow.

But, instead of diving into the deep-end of healing the world, I have started at home, first with healing me. Removing curses. Cutting cords. Getting rid of any lower vibration emotional baggage that I have been holding on to - pain, sadness, sorrow, shame, or guilt. Whether at the hand of another's or mine, brought forth from past lifetimes, or inherited from other generations, I am removing all curses off of my life, banishing all that does not serve me, and experiencing massive healing across all dimensions, space, and time.

Like always, my outer reality is a reflection of my inner, and if a major transformation is going on within me, my surroundings experience a major transformation as well. I am shedding weight and throwing things out of my home. Certain people are no longer in my life. I let go of these things so willingly, because I see clearly that they no longer serve a purpose in my life. I am being prepared for something much greater, and cleaning house is apart of the process.

The future is bright, but the process is slow. I have been forced to slow down, stay present within the process, and allow it to do what it's going to do. As much as I would like this transformation to quicken, I see that like transforming my home (and turning every inch of it into my sacred space), my own transformation will take some time. And some days, as much as I would love to tackle the entire place, I am only meant to clean out one drawer. And sit with that. The slowness can make a fast-paced person such as myself feel anxious. But even through the stillness, I sense that this is much like cooking at a slow simmer, creating the most flavorful, decadent dish ever. Definitely worth the wait!

On the other side of this transformation is passion pursuit. Meanwhile, I am passionately pursuing this transformation.


Maya Divine

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