A Guide to Transformative Healing

Updated: May 23, 2020

While overcoming physical ailments is one aspect of healing that resonate with most people, there is another form of healing that is transformative to the core of our very being. Healing on a spiritual level takes away our sorrows and depression, removes generational curses, improves health, and even increases abundance and prosperity in our lives. Just as important as it is to annihilate disease and physical illness, so is it that we should heal the spiritual and emotional pains that haunt our existence.

Healing Inside, Out

By healing what's inside of us, we heal what's outside of us. As the inner improves, we begin to see the fruits of our healing reflected in our reality around us. Life as we know it changes. Opportunities overflow abundantly and the world becomes brighter. Doors that were always shut begin to open, and things that did not serve us are easy to walk away from because we no longer desire them. We see how healing yields an abundance of gifts that were not afforded to us in our state of sickness and despondency. We tap into our power and become inspired as we witness our inner healing exuding into our outer existence.

We are all being called to heal ourselves because it is through healing that we transform ourselves, and by default, our self-healing transforms the people and world around us. It has been said that all issues that plague the world could be solved if everyone focused on self-healing. Because by healing your inner-self, everything around you transforms.

Our existence is so powerful in its ability to reflect a reality in front of us based on what's going on inside of us. In fact, at the root of every disease and physical ailment we suffer from, there is a metaphysical / spiritual / emotional component. All illnesses are a physical manifestation of the emotional pains that we have going on within. Healing ourselves spiritually is the cornerstone in eradicating our physical issues.

The Healing Process

No matter how much we try to fight it, the Divine will continue to push us toward our healing journey. We will be faced with obstacles that are hard to overcome; experience painful relationships that we can't walk away from; be the victim of unfortunate situations that we did not deserve - all because the Divine is pushing us to our breaking point; that point in time when we decide we've had enough and want better quality lives.

Making the decision to undergo a healing journey is the first step in your deliverance, but knowing where to start can be a challenge.The thing is, there is no right answer to this, as every person's journey is different from all others. And we all have different parts of ourselves that are in need of deep healing. However, the one thing that we all have in common is: we all need healing! And no matter how big or small, we all have to start somewhere.

1. Start with issues that plague you the most.

If you are suffering with a never-ending cycle of disappointing relationships, and you want nothing more in the world than to connect with your soulmate, start there.

If you are plagued with infertility or the inability to conceive, and you want nothing more in the world than to have a baby, start there.

If you are experiencing lack, can't hold a job, keep money, or get ahead in life, and you want nothing more in the world than to have security and prosperity, then start there.

Whatever you are having the most difficulty with, it is a place where Spirit and your Higher Self is calling you to heal. For some of these things, it may be hard to fathom how working on healing yourself spiritually and emotionally could provide the cure. But the reality is: the core of all things is energetic. And it is up to you to manipulate that core energy - heal and transmute it - so that it transcends all dimensions of your existence to provide you with the miraculous healing necessary to improve your conditions. Once you begin to heal the foundation of these ailments from within, your reality before you will change.

2. Ask Spirit & Your Higher Self to Remove the Obstacles.

We may not always understand the spiritual connection to our physical ailments, and we don't have to. Spirit knows how to assist us in dissolving our issues, so long as we ask for deliverance. Connect with the Divine and your Higher Self through prayer and meditation.

Make your petition to have these obstacles removed. Be sincere and heart-felt. Let it come from your gut. Cry out. Make it clear that you are fed up with your current conditions and surrender your burdens to Spirit.

3. Face the Pain.

With healing, comes pain. The pain that you've been holding on to must be dealt with, which requires you re-living it, and facing it head on. All of the sorrow, guilt, resentment, anxiety, and sadness must be brought to the surface, and when these feelings arise, you must allow yourself to feel them. Feel the pain and sorrow. Feel the guilt and betrayal. Feel the intensity of those feelings. Cry. Shout. Let it come out.

The most important part of this process is allowing those feelings to come out, because it is only then when the Divine can come take those burdens away.

4. Speak Your Truth.

As the feelings come to surface, speak on them. How did the situation make you feel? Why did it hurt so bad? Why were you so ashamed? Dig deep and be brutally honest with yourself every step of the way. Being honest with yourself is important, because we often bury our feelings by being in denial about the truth of the situation and how we feel. But the only way you are going to let go of these issues is to be honest with yourself. And yes, the truth hurts, but again, the pain is necessary to experience.You have to pull that pain out of you in order to release it. And sometimes, it is in facing the truth that brings the pain, which is the impetus for healing.

5. Let Go.

To be fully healed of a situation, you have to let go of your attachment to it. Your feelings and beliefs are what caused the attachment and make it difficult for you to fully forgive. Forgiveness is not as simple as: "Okay. I forgive you." All the while, you still have negative emotions and feelings each time you think about it. True forgiveness occurs only after you have fully acknowledged the truth, dealt with your feelings and beliefs in connection with the situation, and elevate your understanding to a level that surpasses your own ego, which in most cases requires Divine Intervention.

Spirit can only take the pain away if you no longer want to hold on to it. Once you're ready to let go of holding on to the pain - once you're ready to forgive those involved - once you're ready to forgive yourself for your part - once you're ready to release the negative feelings and beliefs attached to the situation - only then can Spirit take it all away from you.

6. Take Ownership and Learn the Lessons

There are lessons in all of our experiences if we choose to see things for what they are. And even during situations that seem unfair or unjust, if we can identify our role in the situation, we take ownership over our fate.

Taking ownership over your actions gives you power. You realize how much control you have and hindsight provides a lens revealing how things could have gone differently had you used your power differently. Yes, many things are beyond our control, but by focusing on the things that you do have control over, you can see how much influence you truly have over the outcome of many situations. Be empowered by this, because being the victim in every situation gets you nowhere. Take ownership of your role in situations, and watch how your decisions will begin to evolve. And moving forward, vow to do better, since you now know better.

7. Vow to Do Better

The wonderful consequence of healing is evolving into a different person who makes better decisions in life, thereby avoiding attracting similar situations that brought about the painful conditions to begin with. If you've wrecked a vehicle with reckless driving, it would be counterproductive to purchase another vehicle with the same reckless mindset that you had before. Likewise, you can easily receive the same wounds again that you just finished healing if you don't learn the lessons and apply them.

Love yourself enough to protect yourself from perpetually harming yourself or allowing others to harm you over and over again. The best way you can protect yourself from history repeating itself is to learn the lessons and vow to make better decisions.

Growth & Maturity in Healing

Your healing journey requires work and dedication, but it's all worth it, and you are worth it. Your entire life will transform and many blessings will pour down on you. As a result of you ongoing transformation, you will mature spiritually and emotionally, which will serve you well in your new, peaceful life. The following tips will also serve you along the way:

1. Stay in close relationship to the Divine. Spirit is there to guide you, protect you, remove obstacles in your path, and bring blessings into your life.

2. Listen to the messages Spirit gives you. The Divine communicates with you in a variety of ways. Sometimes through signs. Sometimes through people. Just stay open.

3. Honor the messages Spirit / Your Higher Self gives you, even if it is contrary to your request. Many times Spirit will reveal when something is for us or is not, and by honoring what is in Divine Order for your life, you will remain on a steady path for your highest good.

4. Be grateful every step of the way for all of the good that's in your life. Don't focus on what you don't have. Focus on all the good you do have.

5. If it's not for you, Spirit may not allow you to have it. Your Higher Self knows better than you what's good for you.

6. Believe that if Spirit shuts a door, there is something better for you out there.

7. Become one with Spirit and allow your desires to coincide for what Spirit knows is for your Highest Good.

8. Ask Spirit to heal that part of you that won't let go of what's not meant for you. Ask that you may find peace with it, and be assured that it is for good reason.

9. Healing is a journey; not a destination. While our ailments may be cured, the healing journey is never ending. Healing one aspect of your life often opens the door to heal others.

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